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I Have Lost My Member Code

You have lost your member code, no problem. Just visit the relevant login page shown in the section below & press ‘I have forgotten my member code’ and a member of our support team send you your member code


How Do I Access My Membership?

Using your membership is easy, either watch the video below or follow these simple steps:

1) Get your member code ready

2) Use Online Revision on any computer, tablet or mobile here:

GCSE: Online Revision Access

11 Plus: Online Revision Access


3) Download Revision App using this link for your iPhone or iPad:

iPhone & iPad Mobile App

3a) Once it has downloaded, open the app & register. This takes 3 seconds!

3b) Press the side menu icon which is on the top left, or just simply swipe right

3c) Press “Member Code” & enter your code into the box & press enter

A message will show, telling you that you membership has been successful & your content is unlocked! It’s a simple as that. If you have any problems contact us and we will help you in seconds.

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