KS2 Back to School Pack (1 Month)

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GCSE exams are less than one week away, is your child ready?

Our Online GCSE Revision uses GCSE Tutor Videos, Past Exam Papers & Interactive Practice Tests to prepare your child for each one of their GCSE exams, ensuring they can achieve A*-C grades.

Why spend £30 an hour on a Tutor? When your child can have unlimited access to Online GCSE Revision made by experienced GCSE Teachers.

What Do You Get?

  • Online Revision for 200 GCSE Exam Modules
  • Instant Access to 256 GCSE Tutor Videos
  • 8,000 GCSE Exam Past Papers
  • Detailed Teacher Feedback & Progress Reports
  • One Month of Unlimited Access
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Effective Online GCSE Revision

Using GCSE Tutor Videos, Past Exam Papers & Interactive Practice Tests, our Online Revision quickly prepares your child to achieve A*-C grades.

We provide complete coverage of your child’s key GCSE Exams, including Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography & History. 

Your child will have instant access at home & on their phone. Ensuring they can revise at every possible opportunity.


Unlimited GCSE Tutor Videos

Our GCSE Tutor Videos provide your child with an effective way to learn the GCSE topics that they have not fully understood in school. Without the need for you to spend £30 an hour on a Tutor.

Your child will have unlimited access to 256 effective GCSE Tutor Videos covering each one of their key GCSE exams.

From our teaching experience, we know that the best way for your child to learn is at their own speed. Your child can watch their videos multiple times until they fully understand each GCSE topic. This is the key to achieving A*-C GCSE grades!

Click Here To Watch An Example Tutor Video


Detailed Teacher Feedback & Progress Reports

Most children fail to achieve A*- C GCSE grades due to a lack of preparation. With our Teacher Feedback & Progress Reports, you will be in full control of your child’s GCSE exam revision.

Our Teacher Feedback allows you to see your child’s weekly improvement and compare this against other GCSE students.

You will be able to identify the areas where your child has strong exam performance & where your child has weaknesses.


Computer, Tablet & Mobile App Access

We understand that it is important for your child to be able to learn anywhere, at anytime. Rather than playing computer games or wasting time watching TV.

Our Online GCSE Revision gives you & your child access across every possible device: computers, mobile phones and even tablets.

We even have our own mobile app for your child to use before & after school. Get instant access today and ensure your child is ready for their GCSE Exams.

Less Than 1 Week Until GCSE Exams Start

In our experience we have seen that most children fail to do well in their GCSE exams due to a lack of preparation. All too commonly, we see children revising a few days before their GCSE exams and naively still hope to achieve an A*-C grade.

It is important for parents to take full control of the future of their child & ensure that revision is started in advance of their GCSE exams.

The student who prepares weeks in advance is the child who achieves top GCSE grades, we have seen it and you have seen it with your friend’s children. Leave nothing to chance and get your child revising today.


Mobile Description

Over 200 GCSE Revision Modules & 156 GCSE Tuition Videos to ensure your child achieves A*-C GCSE grades.


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Here are some examples of the effective GCSE Tutor Videos that your child will have unlimited access to.

Your child can watch their GCSE Tutor Videos multiple times to ensure they really understand each topic and can achieve full marks in their exams:


Our Online GCSE Revision covers 200 exam modules across the GCSE subjects below. Your child will have unlimited access to Online Revision for each subject:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • English Literature, including:
    • An Inspector Calls
    • Of Mice & Men
    • Animal Farm
    • Romeo & Juliet
  • History
  • Geography
  • Religious Education
  • Business Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Core Science
  • Additional Science
  • Computer Science


Extensive Teaching Experience

Over the past 35 years our Teaching Team has been helping children achieve A*-C GCSE exam grades. Through countless Parents Evenings we have spent decades advising parents on the best methods to prepare their children for their GCSE exams.

As our Online Revision is made by teachers, you can be assured that your child is learning using the best revision materials. We have taught children studying across all GCSE Exam Boards, our Online Revision is extremely effective in helping your child achieve A*-C GCSE exam grades.


Leading Learning Technology

Over 35 years we discovered that the key to pushing children to achieve A*-C grades is to make revision interesting & engaging.

Two things that children love are computers and mobile phones.

Our Online GCSE Revision uses the leading revision technology for computers, tablets and your child’s mobile phone.

Allowing your child to revise anytime, anywhere in a way that they find effective & enjoyable.


We Are Highly Recommended

Alongside recommendations for our Online GCSE Revision from the BBC, Sunday Times & The Telegraph, we have helped 10,000s of parents prepare their children for their GCSE exams.

Our Teaching Team have won numerous Teacher of The Year Awards and specialise in using effective and innovative methods to help GCSE students achieve A*-C grades.


Effective Learning Science

Our Online GCSE Revision technology has been built using Learning Science; this has been developed to improve your child’s grades by 20%, which is the difference between a complete grade, an A*/A, B/C or even C/D.

Our Learning Science focuses on improving the amount of information that your child can store in their brain. This is vital, as taking 11-19 GCSE exams over a period of 4 weeks leaves little room for mistakes or forgetting educational material.